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Welcome to! This site is provided to give information on cruises and charters in Greece. A licensed captain, Dr. Lambros Karris is also a Greek-American, a professor of psychology, a businessman, teacher, husband, father, a pillar of his community, a lover of the sea and sailing, yet still an adventurer at heart –a modern-day Ulysses. Here you will find information on your adventure through ancient Greece and the voyage before you. Take a look below at one of the recently published articles about Dr. Karris and just how far he would go to create an ALLURING love story.

Bangor Daily News-August 1, St. John’s Chapel, Skopelos

HOLDEN — On June 26, 22 years to the day since their first wedding, Karl and Kathy Ward re-exchanged their vows atop Aghios Ioannis (Saint John’s) chapel, also known as the “Mamma Mia chapel” on Skopelos Island in the Sporades, Northern Aegean, Greece. It was a planned surprise by Karl for Kathy – with much help from many folks – thank you, all! After sailing his family aboard the Alexandros for several days, they arrived at the foot of Aghios Ioannis rock and climbed to the top. Once there, and with the aquablue Aegean crashing on the rocks 400 feet below, Karl asked Kathy if she remembered how he first asked her to marry him. She replied, “You simply asked, ‘Will you?’” Karl said, “Turn around,” and there was their son, 8-year-old Braeden, who then, right on cue, repeated that same question and opened the ring box. Then, one by one, daughter, and maid of honor, Katie; son, and best man, Ryan; and officiating Capt. Lambros Karris emerged from the chapel along with his family and a score of wellwishers to begin the ceremony. The happy surprise was complete! Oh, she said “Yes!” After descending the mount, all traveled to The Garden of The Good in Skopelos Harbor for a wonderful authentic Greek meal and wedding cake! From there Karl and Kathy, along with the kids and the Karris family, sailed to several more islands, visited the Oracle at Delphi and climbed the Acropolis to the Parthenon in Athens. We would like to thank the many people who helped make this happen. After “seeing life” and what and who it brings, we realize our first choice was our best. You all gave us the chance to say that to each other. In the words spoken that beautiful, sunny day, we “will take what life gives us and live and love and laugh together, forever.”