ITINERARY   Recommended time is between late May and early July. This is peak period for sailing and touring Greece.

Day 1. Pick up members at the Athens Airport and drive to Aghios Constantinos where we will board the local ferry and sail to the island of Skiathos where the S/V “Alexandros” will be waiting at dock. In case of airplane delays, the group will spend the night at an Athens hotel or proceed to Delphoi, if time permits.

Day 2. Get familiar with the boat and boating safety, explore the town of Skiathos, do some shopping at this cosmopolitan small town, have dinner at the fine restaurant “Anemos” overlooking the harbor, or, dine and listen to Bouzouki music at the “Ellinikon”. This island is claimed to be one of Jackie O’s two favorite Greek Islands.

Day 3. Set sail for Koukounaries, the best beach in Greece, if not the Mediterranean, according to popular travel guides. This is a very popular spot for English and Scandinavian tourists. Swim, snorkel, play with the water, sunbathe…celebrate.

Day 4. Sail to Skopelos. Set anchor at Glossa and take a walk to the Chora, the upper town built for protection from the invading Saracens and other pirates. Have a panoramic view of the southern Aegean Sea and the distant mountains of Mainland Greece. This is where the beautiful  chapel of St. John is and where the “Mama Mia ” wedding took place.

Day 5. Follow the southwest coast of Skopelos with its beautiful small sandy coves and rocky peninsulas covered with thick pine tree forests. Spend the noon at a pristine and isolated cove enjoying nature at its best. Sail to the town of Skopelos and dock at the town’s waterfront. This was Jackie O’s second most favorite Greek Island. The town is built on a hill and its white cube like houses remind travelers of the Cycladic Islands.

Day 6. Spend the day exploring the “sokakia”-small labyrinth like streets- of the town, experience the life of the town, shop for local art work, taste their unique cheese pie and dine at the “Garden of the Good”. Good day to roam around on your own.

Day 7. Set sail for Alonissos and after passing the straits between Skopelos and Alonissos enjoy the crystal clear waters of “Barbecue” cove and moor at Votsi for the night. Explore the sea caves and have dinner at Panos’ restaurant at the top of the cliffs with a panoramic view of the harbor and the Aegean. If we are in the mood, this is a good place to dance “our hearts out.”

Day 8. Sail to Peristeri Island and spend the middle of the day at the “ship-wreck” cove. Good place to swim, snorkel, fish or play around with the dinghy. Sail to Steni-Vali for the evening and enjoy great island cuisine and some “Rebetika” music if the local musicians show up!

Day 9, 10. Sail northeast through the straits between Alonissos and Peristeri and follow the routes of all the Greeks as they were chasing their dreams whether they were the Golden Fleece, Helen of Troy or the Persians. We will leave behind the inhabited islands and go to Pelagos, a mystical and alluring island leading to the progression of islands which bridge Greece with Asia Minor. The cove at Kyrapanaghia is an isolated and wonderful example of paradise on earth. Play with the water, chase wild goats, or follow the many paths enjoying the Greek wilderness in the middle of the Aegean.

Day 11. Sail downwind to the beautiful cove of Panormos and enjoy a wonderful swim at the tranquil waters of this well protected cove tied to the trees stern to the land. Enjoy a beautiful sunset and local fish at a waterfront restaurant.

Day 12. Sail downwind all the way back to Skiathos and spend the evening at Papadiamantis’ place of birth. Play around the town and enjoy the abundance of international humanity. Start getting ready to leave the islands.

Day 13. Say goodbye to “Alexandros” and take the Ferry to Volos from where we will motor to Delphoi, the ancient sanctuary of Apollo, where we will seek oracular prophecies from the Gods! A mystical place where the Greeks believed was the bellybutton of the earth! The terrain and the total ambiance is truly breathtaking. We will spend the night  in this mystical area.

Day 14. Drive back to Athens where we will visit the Acropolis and the Parthenon and may take a ride at the Sounion peninsula where the temple to god Poseidon dominates the Aegean, if the group feels inclined to do so. We will spend the evening at a local neighborhood restaurant tasting exquisite Greek home cooking… Or, go bargain hunting for gifts and souvenirs at the stores at Monastiraki near Acropolis, after we visit the Parthenon. We will spend the evening at Plaka enjoying a fine traditional meal and live music at the feet of the Acropolis.

Day 15. Drive to the airport those who are departing. Facilitate the plans for those who are either staying in Greece or departing for other countries.

This itinerary has a tentative nature as weather conditions or other factors may not permit the normal flow of the program. Additionally, since we primarily do not rely on public transportation and have considerable flexibility, we may stay at desirable places longer than what was planned, if the travelers so desire.